Building stewardship of the Anacostia River through Recreational Usage

Our Association is made up of 10 member organizations.  Through a grassroots effort stretching back nearly 25 years, the boathouse has grown to host numerous community programs, regattas, and events.  Our member organizations are already working on making this season one of the best ever.

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Latest ACBA COVID-19 Procedures - Effective Oct. 1st

posted Sep 28, 2020, 7:52 AM by Erica Bickford ‎(DCSRC ACBA Rep)‎   [ updated Sep 28, 2020, 7:53 AM ]

Highlights of recent requirement changes (Phase 2a, as of Oct. 1, 2020):

  1. Requirements for “household boat” users:  ACBA has adopted the following US Rowing recommended training principle: Training is "allowed in singles only in order to maintain proper physical/social distancing when physical/social distancing is recommended. Individuals from the same household may take out a double/pair or a four/quad." All individuals rowing or paddling in “household boats” are required to sign a "WAIVER/RELEASE FOR COMMUNICABLE DISEASES INCLUDING COVID-19 FOR PARTICIPANTS IN HOUSEHOLD BOATS", which includes an acknowledgment that the athletes are members of the same household.  ABCA member organizations are responsible for maintaining these waivers on file.

  1. Expanded Erging Locations:

    1. Erg Room: 4 spots with 12-foot spacing delineated with blue painters tape.  No fans.

    2. Outdoor usage by the flagpole/fence: 4 spots with 12-foot spacing marked by erg signs attached to the fence.

    3. Big Tent: 14 spots in Bays 2 and 3.  Spacing denoted with blue painters tape.  Start at the back of the boathouse to maintain distance from boathouse traffic.

Ergs may only be used in the places designated above. Ergers must always defer to boathouse users and stay out of their way.  Bays 1 and 4 may be used if no other activity at the boathouse.  Face mask is optional while on the erg.  Once a user steps away from the erg, a mask must be worn.  Coaches must continue to wear masks at all times.  Ergs must be cleaned after use.

Complete Boathouse user requirements are posted in the .pdf file below.

ACBA Household Boats Waiver Form

posted Sep 23, 2020, 5:20 PM by Erica Bickford ‎(DCSRC ACBA Rep)‎   [ updated Sep 23, 2020, 5:20 PM ]

Download .pdf form below.

ACBA's Diversity and Inclusion Statement

posted Aug 30, 2020, 8:44 AM by Erica Bickford ‎(DCSRC ACBA Rep)‎

The Anacostia Community Boathouse Association (ACBA) believes that, as a fundamental right, all individuals are afforded common respect and dignity, unbiased treatment, and equal opportunity and access to the rowing and paddling community, without discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, physical or mental ability, or socio-economic status.

ACBA, our member organizations, and all persons involved therein shall establish, maintain, and abide by policies that support and protect all individuals, and create and expand the diversity of our organizations and the activities they provide.

Furthermore, ACBA and our member organizations are committed to creating opportunities within the rowing and paddling community for all individuals, through programs that devote resources to the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

ACBA strives to create a COMMUNITY that is


Through our belief that recreational and competitive rowing and paddling shall be accessible to all, regardless of background or ability, ACBA and our member organizations create opportunities for all individuals to learn, thrive, and excel.


By maintaining a zero-tolerance policy regarding bullying and harassment, in alignment with US Rowing policies, US Dragon Boating Federation, and International Dragon Boat Federation, ACBA fosters a safe and encouraging environment for all.


Affirming the belief that a variety of backgrounds enriches the collective experience, ACBA and our member organizations offer equal opportunity to membership and all coaching and supporting roles and positions.  


Teamwork, a core aspect of both rowing and paddling, teaches us that by working together we progress and excel.  By fostering camaraderie, through the interconnectedness of our organizations, ACBA creates opportunities that empower all individuals to be actively engaged and involved in the life, development, and future of our community.  


Through community involvement and our participation in community events to promote rowing and paddling, ACBA is dedicated to expanding opportunities for individuals that have historically been underrepresented in the rowing and paddling community, especially those marginalized due to race or socio-economic status.


We acknowledge that, to achieve our goals, it is not just what we are currently doing, but what we still can and will do that will make a difference.  To this end, we must hold ourselves and our member programs accountable.  

We must create opportunities by eroding barriers at the local, regional, national, and international level through our engagement with governing agencies and organizations to ensure that their policies align with our own vision for a more inclusive and diverse rowing and paddling community.  

We must dedicate our resources of time and money to engage in the community and establish and develop our programs in ways that support these statements.  

We must challenge ourselves and our teams to become aware of the inequities and challenges that create barriers to our vision of inclusion and diversity, in a continuing effort to recruit more people of color, and by establishing resources that expand access to those for whom rowing and paddling are economically infeasible.  

We must communicate with our member organizations, offering resources that allow our community to become aware of our unconscious biases, and to foster positive change.


The Anacostia Community Boathouse Association cares about our members and our community.  Therefore, we are here to listen and to learn about the challenges facing the rowing and paddling community, whether they are our own shortcomings or external factors, and work to address and resolve them.

Contact us at


posted Aug 25, 2020, 10:43 AM by Erica Bickford ‎(DCSRC ACBA Rep)‎   [ updated Aug 25, 2020, 10:49 AM ]

The ACBA Reopening Committee has authorized moving to Phase 2 as of Saturday, June 27th.  In accordance with Phase Two guidance from DC regarding gym usage, we are reopening the Erg Room, with a maximum of 4 ergs used simultaneously at a 12 foot distance.  Blue tape has been placed on the floor to note placement of ergs to assure 12 foot distance between users.  ACBA Ergs are starting to return from the "COVID-19 ACBA Erg Share." (Some Erg Share users have made contributions to the Boathouse.  Thank you!  Contributions can be made here. )  Ergs should be wiped down after usage just like boats.

Phase 2: June 27th.  One person private and club boat users (Two person boats if of the same household), and approved small boat coached programs. Coach programs are limited to groups of 12, including the coach.  Coached sessions are staggered at 15-minute intervals.  Allow a maximum of 25 individual use boat reservations simultaneously.  Erg room open maximum 4 indoor users simultaneously, with 12-foot distance between ergs.  No fans in the erg room.  Outdoor usage by fence -between middle ramp and flagpole.  Masks are highly encouraged during erg usage.   Locker rooms remain closed.

Other Items to note:
1) Lock the Parking Lot Gate and Your Car.  This morning between 8:10 AM and 10 AM a thief went into an unlocked car and stole a credit card.  The card was used in SW this morning before the card was reported stolen.  Decreased traffic at the boathouse is emboldening thieves.  Please lock the gate and your vehicle.  We replaced with a new lock as of Thursday as the old one was getting worn and difficult to read the numbers.

2) Boathouse users are doing a good job of following land traffic patterns!  Thank you.  Please be conscious not to gather in the Bay Doors.  It seems to be a gathering spot.  Keep distance and do not stand in the Bay doors.

Donate to ACBA!

posted Jun 9, 2019, 9:37 AM by Bob Reichart

Donations to the Anacostia Community Boathouse Association will be used for improvements and upgrades to our site, with a focus on improving our bathroom, locker, and indoor practice facilities.  Our site operations are funded by dues from our member organizations.

You can make your tax deductable donations to ACBA through:


2013 Bioswale Clean Up

posted May 10, 2013, 7:11 AM by Boathouse Admin

The Anacostia Community Boathouse celebrated Earth Day on Sunday, April 21 with a work session in the bioswale and around the boathouse grounds.  The community wishes to thank the 23 volunteers who tackled various clean-up tasks as part of on-going plan to maintain the beautiful natural fauna and flora of the bioswale. 
Volunteers included 9 from NCAWPA (including 2 from Go Pink and 5 from CCD) and 14 from various CRC programs.  Members of DC Strokes got into the Earth Day spirit on Saturday by joining with AWS's big Earth Day event encompassing many locations in the Anacostia watershed.   Also on Saturday, a large number of Bishop Ireton rowers and parents took a break from regatta watching and joined in with AWS volunteers from Seafarers to sweep through the bioswale, along the road and down the railroad tracks all the way to the Pennsylvania bridge picking up trash.  

In an energetic work session, crews of volunteers picked up plastic and other trash from along the edge of the river, from around the parking lot and out along M St from the Sousa bridge to down beyond Seafarer's.   Others cleared weeds and mulched around Red Twig dogwood and other shrubs.  An ambitious group tackled the west end of the property by clearing around the big pine tree, pulling and bagging invasive vines, and removing dead trees.  By the end of the day the volunteers had generated 20 paper sacks of vegetation refuse, 12 plastic bags of trash, and filled the big dumpster.  

Work sessions to maintain the bioswale and environment along the edge of the river are planned for the 3rd Sunday of each month.  Watch for announcements for volunteers to sign up.

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