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posted Aug 25, 2020, 10:43 AM by Erica Bickford ‎(DCSRC ACBA Rep)‎   [ updated Aug 25, 2020, 10:49 AM ]
The ACBA Reopening Committee has authorized moving to Phase 2 as of Saturday, June 27th.  In accordance with Phase Two guidance from DC regarding gym usage, we are reopening the Erg Room, with a maximum of 4 ergs used simultaneously at a 12 foot distance.  Blue tape has been placed on the floor to note placement of ergs to assure 12 foot distance between users.  ACBA Ergs are starting to return from the "COVID-19 ACBA Erg Share." (Some Erg Share users have made contributions to the Boathouse.  Thank you!  Contributions can be made here. )  Ergs should be wiped down after usage just like boats.

Phase 2: June 27th.  One person private and club boat users (Two person boats if of the same household), and approved small boat coached programs. Coach programs are limited to groups of 12, including the coach.  Coached sessions are staggered at 15-minute intervals.  Allow a maximum of 25 individual use boat reservations simultaneously.  Erg room open maximum 4 indoor users simultaneously, with 12-foot distance between ergs.  No fans in the erg room.  Outdoor usage by fence -between middle ramp and flagpole.  Masks are highly encouraged during erg usage.   Locker rooms remain closed.

Other Items to note:
1) Lock the Parking Lot Gate and Your Car.  This morning between 8:10 AM and 10 AM a thief went into an unlocked car and stole a credit card.  The card was used in SW this morning before the card was reported stolen.  Decreased traffic at the boathouse is emboldening thieves.  Please lock the gate and your vehicle.  We replaced with a new lock as of Thursday as the old one was getting worn and difficult to read the numbers.

2) Boathouse users are doing a good job of following land traffic patterns!  Thank you.  Please be conscious not to gather in the Bay Doors.  It seems to be a gathering spot.  Keep distance and do not stand in the Bay doors.