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Latest ACBA COVID-19 Procedures - Effective Oct. 1st

posted Sep 28, 2020, 7:52 AM by Erica Bickford ‎(DCSRC ACBA Rep)‎   [ updated Sep 28, 2020, 7:53 AM ]

Highlights of recent requirement changes (Phase 2a, as of Oct. 1, 2020):

  1. Requirements for “household boat” users:  ACBA has adopted the following US Rowing recommended training principle: Training is "allowed in singles only in order to maintain proper physical/social distancing when physical/social distancing is recommended. Individuals from the same household may take out a double/pair or a four/quad." All individuals rowing or paddling in “household boats” are required to sign a "WAIVER/RELEASE FOR COMMUNICABLE DISEASES INCLUDING COVID-19 FOR PARTICIPANTS IN HOUSEHOLD BOATS", which includes an acknowledgment that the athletes are members of the same household.  ABCA member organizations are responsible for maintaining these waivers on file.

  1. Expanded Erging Locations:

    1. Erg Room: 4 spots with 12-foot spacing delineated with blue painters tape.  No fans.

    2. Outdoor usage by the flagpole/fence: 4 spots with 12-foot spacing marked by erg signs attached to the fence.

    3. Big Tent: 14 spots in Bays 2 and 3.  Spacing denoted with blue painters tape.  Start at the back of the boathouse to maintain distance from boathouse traffic.

Ergs may only be used in the places designated above. Ergers must always defer to boathouse users and stay out of their way.  Bays 1 and 4 may be used if no other activity at the boathouse.  Face mask is optional while on the erg.  Once a user steps away from the erg, a mask must be worn.  Coaches must continue to wear masks at all times.  Ergs must be cleaned after use.

Complete Boathouse user requirements are posted in the .pdf file below.
Erica Bickford (DCSRC ACBA Rep),
Sep 28, 2020, 7:52 AM