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Latest ACBA COVID-19 Procedures - Effective Nov. 20th

posted Nov 20, 2020, 3:36 PM by Erica Bickford ‎(DCSRC ACBA Rep)‎

Highlights of recent requirement changes (Phase 2b, as of Nov. 20, 2020):

  1. UPDATED Erg Use Locations:

    1. Erg Room: 4 spots with 12-foot spacing delineated with blue painters tape.  No fans.

    2. Outdoor usage by the flagpole/fence: 4 spots with 12-foot spacing marked by erg signs attached to the fence. No erging on the small-tent side of the flagpole area.

    3. Winter outdoor use: In dry weather, ergs may also be used on the apron between the two buildings as long as they are spaced at least 12 feet apart, and do not significantly interfere with rower and paddler access to the boat bays and the dock.

    4. Big Tent: Erging in bays - 7 spots per bay. Spacing denoted with blue painters tape, ergs should be placed on blue tape markers to ensure they’re being used AT LEAST 12-feet apart.  Start at the back of the boathouse to maintain distance from boathouse traffic. Fill bays 2 and 3 before moving into bays 1 and 4. ACBA ergs can be stored in Bay 2 inbetween club erging sessions.

Ergs may only be used in the places designated above. Erg users will accommodate rower and paddler access to boat racks, as requested.  Face mask is optional while on the erg.  Once a user steps away from the erg, a mask must be worn.  Coaches must continue to wear masks at all times.  Ergs must be cleaned after use.

  1. UPDATED Self-Monitoring: If an individual has experienced symptoms of or tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days, do not come to the boathouse. Any individual known to have high-risk contact with a person who has been sick and/or diagnosed with COVID-19 must not come to the boathouse and must self-report to the club’s designated protocol manager and to  COVID19@anacostiaboathouse.org

  1. UPDATED Reservations: For Ergs - All erging sessions should be planned and entered into iCrew. Clubs should maintain records of who is using the boathouse and when in case contact-tracing is necessary.

  1. Bathrooms: ACBA Bathrooms will close for winter in early December, Port-o-Johns will remain available.

  1. Please review the full ACBA facility-use requirements below, including Boathouse traffic patterns. Compliance with these protocols is required to continue using the Boathouse facilities.

Erica Bickford (DCSRC ACBA Rep),
Nov 20, 2020, 3:36 PM